Thursday, December 10, 2009

Blue-Orange Fantasy Makeup

I used MAC pigments and the Coastal Scent 88 matte palette to create this look. The glitters I got at a local Ben Franklin craft store and the Lashes are Red Cherry D 005 and some random bottom lashes.

Alverde product pix and swatches.

Alverde Haul

Alverde's new makeup line is available in DM stores in Hungary/Austria/Germany. I bought my first items in aDM store in Hungary. I think in Austria/Germany you can also get them at Muller and Rossman stores. 
They're worth checking out, because there are some really good products among them and they it is all BIO! 
You can find the ingredients list of Alverde's makeup line. It's in PDF format, and you can download it here from Drogerie-Markt's official website.

I got: 
Quatro Eyeshadow in 37 Chocolate
Pressed Powder in 040 Apricot Beige
Anti-Aging Liquid Foundation in 020 Honey-Gold
Lipstick: 20 Apricot Red
Lipgloss: 14 Cool red and 205 Cappucino
Extra Vlume Mascara in 010 Black
Alverde Tinted moisturizer with almond in Goldbeige for all skin types

About Alverde (in German):

Unser Produktversprechen

Seit 20 Jahren steht alverde NATURKOSMETIK für hohe Qualität, Innovationsfreude und hochwirksame Kosmetik aus der Natur.

  • Die alverde Naturkosmetik Produkte entsprechen den Richtlinien für kontrollierte Naturkosmetik des Bundesverbandes Deutscher Industrie- und Handelsunternehmen (BDIH) für Arzneimittel, Reformwaren.
  • alverde-Produkte sind frei von allen synthetischen Duft-, Farb- und Konservierungsstoffen sowie von tierischen Inhaltsstoffen mit Ausnahme von Bienen- und Wollwachs, Honig, Seidenprotein, Perlenextrakt, Schellack, Carmin, Keratin und hydrolisiertem Milcheiweiß.
  • Ein Großteil unserer alverde-Produkte trägt das Vegan-Siegel, das garantiert, dass weder tierische Inhaltsstoffe enthalten sind noch Tierversuche mit dem Fertigprodukt durchgeführt werden.
  • Die verwendeten Rohstoffe stammen bevorzugt aus kontrolliert biologischem Anbau.
  • alverde-Produkte enthalten keine Inhaltsstoffe auf Mineralölbasis.
  • Die Hautverträglichkeit ist dermatologisch bestätigt.
  • alverde ist laut Gesellschaft für Konsumforschung (GfK) die meistverkaufte zertifizierte Naturkosmetikmarke Deutschlands.
(in English):

Our product promise

For 20 years Alverde NATURKOSMETIK stands for high quality, innovation and highly effective beauty of nature.

  • The Alverde natural cosmetics products conform to the guidelines for controlled natural cosmetics of the Association of German Chambers of Industry and Trade Company (BDIH) for pharmaceuticals, health.
  • Alverde products are free from all synthetic fragrances, colorings, preservatives and ingredients of animal origin with the exception of bees and wool wax, honey, silk protein, Pearl Extract, Shellac, carmine, hydrolysed keratin, milk protein.
  • Much of our Alverde Vegan products carry the seal, which guarantees that no animal ingredients contain animal experiments are conducted with the finished product.
  • The raw materials used preferably come from certified organic farms.
  • Alverde products contain no mineral oil based ingredients.
  • The skin compatibility dermatologically confirmed.
  • Alverde is loud Society for Consumer Research (GfK), the top-selling certified natural cosmetics brand in Germany.
I really like their lip glosses. Their consistency is great and its not too sticky. I added some swatches of the lip glosses and the Apricot Red lipstick. 

Pressed Powder: 
The color I got is 040 Apricot Beige and it matches my skin color really nice. it seems that there are tiny little glitters in the powder, so it gives the appearance of a nice golden glow. 

Liquid foundation:
Well, I personally don't like heavy foundations, so this one is perfect for me. It's kindda like a tinted moisturizer with a menthol smell. It even feels cool like menthol on the skin.

Tinted moisturizer: 
I got the one with almond oil and the color is golden beige. It has a very nice smell as well (not to intense). I have pretty dry skin, and it seems to help with the dryness, so it will be perfect for the winter.

The one I got is for creating extra volume and has a kindda funny looking thick applicator. To be honest, I think this applicator is a bit clumsy and thick to reach the lashes in the inner corner. The consistency and smell otherwise is good.

They have two is black, silver and the other one is brown colors. I got the brown one and I absolutely love it. There are three matte (light beige, a middle brown and a dark brown) and one shimmery color (dark brown with a satin finish). 

All in all I like their products. Its good quality for a reasonable price. I hope this was helpful:)

for watches and pix see above in new post.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Mac Face Charts

I found this website that contains a whole lot amazing face charts.
Here is the link:

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Gold Lace Makeup

Gold-Black Lace makeup using Mac and Mica Bella pigments.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Gold Leaf Makeup

Gold makeup using Ben Nye's Grande Lumiere palette, my Pupa brushes, Claire's ICING gold glitter liner, gold rhinestones I found at Walmart's craft section and gold leaf I bought at a local Ben Franklin craft store.

Black Smoky Eyes

Black smoky eyes using HIP cream liner 905 and Coastal Scent 88 palette.

Blue Fantasy Look

This is one of my very first makeup experiments:)

Brown Smooky Look

Brown smooky look using Coastal Scent's 88 matte palette.

Natural Look Using Wet'nWild Palette

I created this look using only drug store products. I used Wet'nWild's Ultimate Expressions: 396 Sand Castle palette, and HIP cream liner 905 in black. I also added some Mega Glov Face Illuminator cream in 342 Toasty to my cheeks.

Purple Violet Inspired Makeup

This makeup was inspired by a picture of a violet I found on the internet. I used my Coastal Scent 88 matte palette and added some Mac gold pigment to the inner corner of my eyes.

Red Lips Pin-Up Look

Pin-up look using Covergirl's red lip stain.

Jay Anne Cosmetics

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