Friday, August 20, 2010

OOTD: I Feel Golden Today:)

 Sorry for the bad quality ... I took the photos with my blackberry. I hope you still like it:)

I am wearing:

Jeans: Dunno the brand, its from a boutique in Budapest, Hungary
Top: New Yorker (I altered it a bit...I took off the metal details and I sewed some pearl colored beads to the neck part)
Sweater: Eyeshadow
Bag: Lauren by Ralph Lauren
Earrings: Forever21
Gold Watch: Quartz
Take Care,
Jay Anne

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I have been featured:)

I have been featured on Elle's blog:)

Check out her blog here: edk.dolce

Beautiful Maven Featured Follower Janka

1.       Introduce yourself, what is your name? 
      My Name is Janka Brusch, but my blog name is Jay Anne. You might ask why??! Everyone pronounces my name differently, I heard so many when I created the blog, I wanted to use something different. Jay Anne was the first name that come to mind.

2.       How old are you?
3.       Where in the world are you?
       California, USA
4.       Do you have a Social Networking site like Facebook that you want to share?
        no :(
5.       What’s your blog’s url?
6.       When did you start blogging?
       September 2009
7.       What made you want to blog?
      I read other beauty blogs, watched a ton of makeup videos, and I wanted to share my passion with others. Be a part of the 'blog world' :)
8.       Why a beauty blog?
       Beauty and health were always very important to me. Since I was a little girl, I always dreamed of being a makeup artist. Two years ago I finally started out on my dream path...and applied to beauty school..and now I am a licensed esthetician. 

9.       (include) a picture of you in your favorite hair/makeup/nail look.
       I love natural, bronze, brown colors on me as an every day look.
10.   What are 5 of your favorite beauty products?
                  1. MAC MSF By Candlelight
                  2.  NARS Orgasm
                  3.   MAC Blacktrack fluid line
                  4.   Aveeno tinted moisturizer
                  5.   Maybelline volume express mascara
11.   What’s the best beauty tip you would give?
      Close your colors wisely. Don't go with the trend, just because it is the trend, always choose colors that complement your skin tone.
12.   Who or what inspires you when it comes to beauty?
      I have a lot of idols in makeup...Alex Box, Pat McGrath, Bobbi Brown just to name some of the big ones....but there are too many to list:)
13.   (include a picture of) Your celebrity beauty inspiration
        An image from Alex Box's Illamasqua campaign.
14.   Do you hope to pursue a career in beauty?
       Oh yes!! Absolutely a dream job:)
15.   What’s one most interesting thing about you?
        hmmm....something random: I have a scar shaped like a butterfly from a childhood accident

Take Care
Jay Anne

Sunday, August 8, 2010

OMG..I reached 100!!

Yeaaa...I am speechless!!! I reached a 100 followers!! Thank you ladies. I am sooooo happy and honored. I will put a little contest together to celebrate this week, so look out for that and participate:)

Take Care,
(Happy) Jay Anne

Friday, August 6, 2010

FOTD: Two Faced

I was playing around at home, trying some looks, and this is what I ended up with...two different

Right Eye I made a pink/dark blue/gray with black liner.
Left eye I did a bronze/tan/dark brown look with a bright green liner.

I used:


MAC  Cherish satin A39


39 Color Glamour  and 88 color Profussion palette
Wet'n'Wild liquid liner in green
MAC  painterly paint pot as base
MAC blacktrack fluid line
Eyebrows: Alverde Quad: 37 Chocolate

Maybelline Volume Express Mascara 
NYX black for right eye and white liner for left eye waterline


Loreal Glam Bronze Minerals: 101 Blondes (Limited Edition)
MAC MSF: By Candlelight

Take Care,
Jay Anne

Thursday, August 5, 2010

ENTER Makeup My Mind's Quickie Contest.. blink and it could be gone!

Hi Lovelies,

Laura @ Makeup My Mind is having a giveaway!! Enter quick, since noone knows how long you can still get your hands on the Dior show maximizer!

The price: Dior show maximizer!

What it is: 
-Dior's first lash primer that boosts the effects of any Diorshow mascara, while nourishing and improving lash health resulting in increased volume, length and curve.

What it does:
- Nourishing serum treatment that intensely strenthens and promotes lash health
- Instantly doubles the volume of each lash and helps boost all Diorshow mascara effects!
- Can be used day and night for 24 hour lash treatment

Application: The primer goes on white to show coating of each lash and instantly dries clear. Apply Diorshow Maximizer at night as well, and use it as a serum to help stimulate lash growth. This product will make your lashes fuller and volumized.

Stats: The Dior Innovation Center has tested Diorshow maximizer for effciency and found amazing results after 8 weeks of use:
- 58% increase in volume, 38% increase in length, and 73% increase in curvature
- Studies also showed that lashes were more resilient, and protected and revitalized.
Key Ingredients:
Soy Protein Extract- revitalizes and stregthens the lashes for improved lash health
Hyaluronic Sphere- helps the plump lashes for fuller volume

Here is the link to her contest:
Quickie Contest.. blink and it could be gone!

Take Care,
Jay Anne

8 Question Tag

I have been tagged by the gorgeous Arabian Eyes. The rules are that I answer a set of questions that she has gave me and I make up another 8 and tag other people. So here are the questions:

1. Would you rather have no toes or no fingers? (lol sorry for lame questions!) I have to choose ... I would say toes...otherwise I would have to learn to apply makeup with my toes;)

2. What is your worst make up related habit?
I tend to forget to wash off my mascara before going to bed.

3. What is the best advice someone has ever given you?

Live life to its fullest, because you never know when it is gonna be over!

4. Mummy's girl or daddy's girl?

Mummy's:):) She is my best friend.

5. What is your favourite make up brand and why?

Well, this is a tough one..I like so many brands. There are certan products that I buy from one company, but then others from other ones..MAC, MUFE, NARS, Urban Decay, E.L.F.... and sooooo many more.... 

6. What is your favourite piece of make up?

My MSF from MAC in By Candlelight. It makes cheeks glow. I'm lovin it:)

7. What 3 things can you never leave your house without?

My phone, emergency makeup kit and lip balm

8. Have you ever had a bad hair day? if yes do tell :)

Ohhhh, yeaaa...talking of a bad hair day..I am having one right now..I need some new highlights ASAP!!

My Questions:

If you could live anywhere else in the world, where would it be?
Dogs or cats? why?
What is your favorite lips stick?
What is your favorite makeup tool?
Do you have any siblings?
When was the first time you applied makeup? How did it go? :)
Three dos and don't related to makeup?
Quote of the day?

Lovely ladies I tag are (drums....):

Janine of La Dolce Vita
Of Faces and Fingers
Nada of Arabian Eyes
Beauty Forest
Liloo of Liloo and Andco

Take Care,
Jay Anne

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