Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Gold Leaf Makeup

 I used:

88 palette: nude and white
Kryolan eyeshadow: cocoa and beach
Gold glitter (any gold glitter will do..just make sure that it is 'eye safe')

Gold leaf I bought at a craft store
PB waterproof foundation: mixed the colors LFC0 and LFC2
Kryolan professional transparent powder: TL2
Coastal Scent blush palette
Prestige Totally Delicious shimmering body powder: Marble Cake BSP-05

Jordana lip pencil: 26 Natural
Alverde lip gloss: 205 Cappucino

“As every thread of gold is valuable, so is every moment of time”


  1. Thanks for the comment on MY blog! I was reading late last night and realized I forgot to hit follow on yours when I meant to! Now I am your 10th! Keep up the great looks and the great blog.

    Very inspiring!


  2. wow this is very beautiful and different! i love it. makeup is all about innovation, and this is great! follow my makeup obsessed site:

  3. Hey!
    I have a question about your look =) I'm a make-up artist, as well, and am looking at using gold foil in an upcoming body art shoot inspired by Alice in Wonderland. My concern is that a gold foil sheet purchased at a craft store would irritate the model's skin, but yours looks wonderful! Is there any chance you would be willing to tell me how long she had the leaf on and whether her skin seemed irritated in the end? Thanks!

  4. Hi George,

    Sorry I haven't responded till now..I just saw that you wrote a comment on my Gold Leaf Picture. The model had the foil on for a few hours and her skin did not get irritated at all. I used it on other models already and I tested it out on myself and I have sensitive skin..but nothing happened:) I used some lotion to make the leaves stick.
    I hope it helps and post some pictures afterwards. I am curious how it worked out. I wish you good luck on your shoot:)


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