Friday, February 24, 2012

Review: Best Hair Brush To Detangle Long Hair

I have always struggled to find a good hair brush that can detangle my long hair. I gotta admit, I do not like to brush my hair. Sometimes, only comb it after washing my hair, and not between washes to keep it a bit more full and thick looking. BUT since I bought the Euro Stil Detangling Brush brush, (I got it at my hairdressers) I actually don't mind it anymore. 
I know, this might sound like a cheesy sales pitch, but far from that. I am not getting sponsored by the company and have bought the brush with my own money. I am just simply impressed and wanted to share it with you ladies.
The secret: It has natural boar hairs mixed with harder nylon bristles for easy detangling. 
Since I got pregnant my hair texture totally changed. I have a mix of wavy and straight hair, and it has gotten much more frizzy. If I don't brush it often (which I never did before and my hair was great), I will end up looking like a rastafarian:)

Euro Stil Detangler Brush made in Spain

What is your favorite hair brush/comb?

Take Care,
Jay Anne


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