Monday, March 18, 2013

Bye Bye...Iwata Ninja Jet update

Well, well   ....  I am sad to report, that I had to send my Iwata Ninja Jet airbrush compressor back, since it is made exclusively for the US. I need a machine that can operate on 120-240V.
Which it turns out is a lot to ask for. I never thought is will be a problem, since my little Dinair compressor can easily master whether I am in the US or in EU. You can even order it with different kinds of plugs for different outlets (US, EU, UK).
I kept the Iwata HP-C Plus gun. This is an amazing airbrush gun! I will use it my my new Temptu S-One compressor. 
I will do a review on the Temptu soon and will also do a comparison as far as the foundation coverage goes between Dinair and Temptu.

Take care,
Jay Anne

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