Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Lips: Pretty in Pink

I just received the NYX lips gloss in Pink Sparkle (SG08) as a gift and fell in love.....I though I will share it with you all:)

Pictures above were taken inside, and the last one I took outside with natural lighting.

I used Essence Color & Shine lipstick pencil in 01 Punk Vibe and the NYX Diamon Sparkle Gloss in Pink Sparkle on top of it.

What do you ladies think? What is your favourite lips gloss?

Take care,
Jay Anne


  1. I love pink!! My fave lip gloss right now is MAC Underage.


  2. a beautiful colour. my favourite lipgloss is mac's viva glam VI (not the special edition, the regular one).

  3. Lol I hope this doesn't sound creepy but you have really nice lips!

    Also that is a really nice pink on your complexion.

  4. lol...Thank you:) I take it as a compliment.

  5. wow the color is really stunning :)

  6. Very nice! I like NYX's mega shine lipgloss in Sweet Heart! Check it out! =)


  7. I've been hearing a lot of good stuff about NYX lately, may need to give it a try! I love this color... not for me, but its fabulous here!

    from: http://notjustanotherblondeinbeijing.blogspot.com


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