Sunday, April 18, 2010

My New Hot Pink Nail Polish

I am somehow obsessed with nail polishes lately....well, maybe because in my aesthetician school we were not allowed to wear colored nail polish, so now I am catching :)

Here is my newest polish: Hot pink

I was surprised how good the quality of this polish is. On the picture I am using only one coat with my favourite Seche Vite top coat on it. It goes on nice and evenly. It is not the most durable polish, but with the top coat, it stays put long enough.
Oh, yea, I know it say toe nail works great on my finger nails as well;)

Take Care,
Jay Anne


  1. Lovely shade of pink! Is Essence popular in US? It's German brand and they have some great products! I love their mascara :) xoxo

  2. gorgeous color!! i am on the market for new nail lacquers - i will give them a try xoxo

  3. @Lipstick on the cup: I got this in Europe, and to be honest I don't know if they have it in the US or not. I have never seen it there:(
    I didn't know this brand before, but I am convinced:)


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