Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mini Haul: Accessories

While I am spending some time in EU finishing my aesthetician school, I figured I gotta check out some stores here:)

I found a few cute bracelets and rings and one pair of earrings at a C&A store.
They were all between $4-10.

Please excuse the bandage on my hand.. I got tendonitis in my right wrist ... and unfortunately I am right handed :(
This is why I haven't posted any new makeup looks lately...I hope it is gonna heal soon, since my board exam is coming up in a week!
Not to mention that I can't wait to play around with MAKEUP!!!

The bracelts came in a set..a coral/wood and a pinkish one.

Soo, what do you lovlies think?
I am in love with the little rose ring:)

Take Care,
Jay Anne


  1. Love the big bracelet XD
    Good choices ;)

  2. I love the rose ring and the bangles, great finds!

  3. I LOVE THE ROSE RING SOO MUCH! its so adorable!
    i just came across you blog and i just wan to say that i love it! i followed!

    feel free to follow!

  4. oooomg i am in love with that big bangle at the bottom i wish we had a c&a here we did have back in the days lol

  5. @Arabian eyes: If you have Forever21 (or online), they also had the same bangle in a bunch of different colors:)

  6. that rose ring is so pretty and cute! love it.

    if you like, enter my teeny tiny giveaway here:

  7. I love those cocktail rings! :)


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