Tuesday, December 20, 2011

INSPIRED: Nikkietutorials on youtube

Hello my Lovely followers,

If you like makeup tutorial and reviews on youtube, you are gonna like her.
Nikki is a makeup guru from the Netherlands. She is young, funny and very talented. I get inspired every time out check out her blog or videos. 

About Nikki:
My name is Nikkie, I’m a 17 year old girl from The Netherlands.
My life is all about doing the things I love, from Makeup Tutorials to The Vampire Diaries!
At the age of 14 I started making YouTube Makeup Tutorials.
This other weekend, I was sick and as I was resting in bed, I watched ‘The Hills’ on MTV.
I was amazed by their beautiful makeup, and when Lauren did her mascara I was convinced!, I had to know how she did her makeup.
As soon as the episode ended, I looked up YouTube and found out about a world I never knew of before.
I saw all these girls, doing their makeup like the girls from The Hills.
After 2/3 months of practising on my own, I started making my own YouTube How-to Makeup Tutorials!
A whole new world opened up for me, and started getting more, and more views as the months passed.
Right now I made quite a big name in YouTube land, And I have no intentions on stopping soon! ^^
Acting always has been a big part of my life too, I love acting!
Overall, I love my life, and enjoy it every single day.
My future dream is to become worlds’ best Makeup Artist, and actress! Nice combo, huh?! ;)
Hopefully you’ll join my journey and check this site out, whenever you have some free time!

Check her out here: Nikkietutorials.com

Take Care,
Jay Anne

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