Sunday, December 26, 2010

MAC Paint Pots: Rubenesque and Artifact

MAC Paint tops are the greatest to use as a base. I recently found two, that I love as a combo or just by themselves. 

MAC Artifact is an intense cranberry color.

MAC Rubenesque Paint Pot matches perfect with Wet n Wild's 255B Penny eyeshadow. Penny has a hint more red in it, but they just make the most beautiful antique gold/peach. 

Here they are together.

MAC Artifact, Rubenesque and Wet n Wild Penny with no base of foundation underneath swatches.

Take Care,
Jay Anne


  1. I picked up one of the new paint pots from the champale collection, but think I will be taking it back. Too much glitter!

  2. Wow, WnW Penny is gorgeous! Too bad it's not available in Hungary :(

  3. @FunnyFaceBeauty: Yea, I know. They are pretty, but you can just use an eyeshadow instead.

    @suzie: I will bring you one next time I am in Hungary :) :)

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